Indiana Hoarding Provides services that includes:

  • Clutter Cleaning,

  • Clutter Cleanup,

  • Declutter,

  • Heavy Duty House Cleaning

Indiana Hoarding, don’t let our name fool you, offers services that focus on Clutter Cleanup and hoarding cleanup. There are many terms used for clutter cleaning but finding the correct staff who is trained and certified is important.

Honestly, asking for help with clutter clean up doesn’t have to be a frustrating or embarrassing task. As professionals, we understand that the homeowners with clutter clean up issues are concerned with privacy and need the reassurance that the technicians working in the home are trained, certified and have extensive background checks.

Unlike most junk haulers or junk removal companies, Hoosier Hoarding has strict guidelines, we are extremely helpful as you move to process of disposal of excessive clutter.  WE have specialized chemical to clean all surfaces property

Apart from the Hoosier Hoarding Services, we promise the following:

  • An assigned case manager that will “hold your hand “through the whole process.
  • No judgments will be made.
  • Discrete vehicles not advertising what we are doing.
  • No conversations with anyone except you or your designated representative.
  • Sorting and organizational services.
  • Dumpsters and cube trucks available for hauling unwanted items.

Hoosier Hoarding knows that the clutter isn’t just junk, but items that need to be organized and removed due to space and necessity. Treating your living condition with respect, understanding and compassion is our goal and our number one purpose in business is to make you happy.